Description of The Design Lab

As a new state of the art facility for experimental design research the Design Lab is providing facilities for industry to test and develop products, bringing design researchers from across DTU together, enabling new collaborations in both education and research and establishing DTU as a key player in the engineering design field.

The Design Lab provides a controlled approach to:

  • User testing and user studies
  • High creative process research
  • Facilitated brainstorming
  • Prototype testing

The Design Lab is a portable ‘Lab in a box’ for:

  • Integration into the core lab space
  • Deployment in practice
  • Direct support to industry
  • Distributed design sessions

Description of equipment

  • Individually controllable HD cameras (5 in each half of the room - one in each corner and one in the ceiling)
  • HD microphones for audio - one in each half of the room
  • Movable wall to split the room into two independent spaces
  • Two camera control stations - control the cameras and mic's in each half of the room
  • Two editing stations - cut your recording down to the size you want and upload it onto your hard drive
  • Two screens with laptop hook-up (HDMI)
  • Professional level lighting suitable for HD video

The lab users will also be able to get access to eye tracking equipment, biometric sensors and other specialist equipment through consultation with the experts at DTU Management Engineering.

The Design Lab is funded by DTU Management Engineering by 1 million DKK.

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