Education in Technology and Innovation Management

The Technology and Innovation Management division contributes to DTU’s research based teaching at Bachelor, Masters and PhD.

Our teaching contributes in particular to the two 3-year programs leading to a B.Sc. in Strategic Analysis and Systems Design and the B.Sc in Design and Innovation, and to the three 2-year programs leading to the M.Sc. in Engineering Management, the M.Sc. in Design & Innovation and the M.Sc. in Transport and Logistics. Furthermore, several of our courses serve many programmes across DTU.

Bachelor level courses

42011 Product Usability and Design

42021 Technology Analysis

42062 Arenas and Concepts

41020 Product Analysis and Redesign (contribution)

41010 User-Oriented Design (contribution)

42107 Decision Support for Engineers

42585 Business Analytics

42580 Engineering Work 1

42583 Engineering Work 2

42584 Project Work – Strategic Analysis and Systems Design

42554 Social Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

42610 Theory of Science in Engineering

Master level courses

42071 Product Development in an Organizational Context

42081 Staging Co-creation

42085 Strategy, Design and Market

42086 Advanced Design Methods

42640 Sociotechnical Design

42467 Engineering Strategic Differentiation

42532 Strategy and Planning Methods

42575 Technology and Innovation Management

42351 Sustainability in Management (contribution)

42435 Knowledge Based Entrepreneurship

42436 Commercialization of High Tech Concepts, Entrepreneurship and Science in Action

42438 Business Model Design for Growth Entrepreneurship (in 2017)

34541 Entrepreneurship in photonics and communications (contribution)

42182 Road Safety Analysis and Modelling

PhD level courses

42461 Analytical Methods and Theory Building

42740 Advanced Research Methods in Engineering Management

42741 Strategic Foresight in Engineering (bi-annual)

42798 Introduction to econometrics (September 2017)

42799 Patent Course